Business Alignment

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BIZAL is a business consulting and advisory firm focused on driving growth and profitability via Business Alignment. BIZAL combines decades of experience in management consulting with Customer Centric Innovation and Lean LaunchPad to offer flexible and affordable consulting services for companies of all sizes.

BIZAL analyzes businesses holistically and aligns all elements of the business model.

Some common problems that BIZAL tackles and resolves are:

  • Lack of product-market fit and alignment between customer segments and product mix
  •  Startups that do too much to soon (e.g. too many products)
  • Companies that try to grow without consideration for working capital and operational constraints
  • IT departments that make decisions without aligning with the company growth and needs

Business alignment

Business Alignment means to align business model and day-to-day business with vision and business goals, and to create congruence between the revenue side and the operations side.

Business Alignment creates opportunities to grow revenue and optimize cost and operations.

Under the Business Alignment umbrella we offer specialized consulting services that include:

  • Review business model
  • Develop growth strategy
  • Optimize business processes
  • Align business and technology
  • Virtual CIO
  • Create roadmaps for digital transformation
  • Bolster customer experience

Business-Technology Alignment

Align technology and business strategy. Ensure that technology investments drive the expected business outcome with proper definition of technology requirements and solution/vendor selection.  Align KPIs with business goals to guarantee repeatable success.

Tech-business alignment is extremely useful to structure integration strategies and to provide guidance for M&A due diligence.

Business Alignment

Review and optimize the the company business model and align the business strategy to the business goals.

Achieve and exceed the expected business goals by optimizing the go-to-market strategy to achieve major competitive advantage.

Flexible and extremely effective, business alignment is tailored to startups and small-medium companies.


Virtual CIO (vCIO)

Leadership and outstanding execution.

BIZAL’s vCIO will provide technology leadership  (knowledge, alignment with business, strategy and roadmap development), guide the transformation initiatives in roadmap, and take over the management of the day-by-day activities. BIZAL’s vCIO services deliver the highest business value and ROI.


Help Businesses Thrive


BIZAL’s approach is more flexible than other consulting firms. Also, BIZAL’s methodology based on Lean-Agile delivers quicker results and creates much more actionable roadmaps.

 Get results in weeks and not in months.

“Marco at BIZAL has a unique ability to connect technology strategy with business strategy. He took the time to have detailed conversations with stakeholders across the firm and developed a deep understanding of our business and organization. With that as a foundation, the technology roadmap he proposed fit perfectly with our needs and capabilities and should stay in lock step with our strategy over time.”

Michael Bowers, COO, Rayliant Global Advisors Ltd.

“Marco at BIZAL really helped us identify new strategies to reach prospective clients while still focusing on our current client base. He had recommendations on how to segment our business and offered solutions on how to become more efficient from a business operations standpoint. I would highly recommend BIZAL’s consultative process to any type of business that is looking to remove inefficiencies and implement strategies for overall growth.”

Shawn Gruver, Managing Director, Wells Fargo

 Working with Marco at BIZAL completely changed my perspective regarding my business model. Applying his framework ensured all aspects were addressed and opened new questions to expand my thinking. His technical skill and business acumen increase his ability to provide expert analysis and define opportunities with precision. Marco’s ability to see “big picture” while focusing on micro details enhances his overall ability to bring positive change to any organization. Working with Marco is an investment in your business.

Because of Marco my business is more organized, agile, and able to address both expected and unexpected challenges while optimizing current resources. His guidance has positioned me for unlimited success.

Brittany Wilson, President, Inventana Development Inc.

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