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BIZAL - portmanteau for Business (Biz) Alignment

BIZAL History
Marco Gottini started developing the idea of BIZAL in 2014. The goal was to help companies grow faster and increase profitability. Marco, a veteran of management consulting and a technology anthropologist, saw the need for a comprehensive business alignment methodology that could be used to analyze and solve business problems for companies of all sizes and maturity. Marco combined his management consulting experience with large enterprises with Lean LaunchPad and Customer Centric Innovation methodologies to develop a unique business analysis and improvement methodology that he named Business Alignment. Based on this methodology, BIZAL offers a portfolio of consulting services tailored to address the most critical business challenges that companies face.

Established businesses seeking growth and efficiency benefit from alignment of the existing model and efficient investments in technology, while startups and companies pushing for innovation benefit from the development of business ideas and innovative products that are aligned with their business strategy.
Business Alignment
Business alignment is a powerful expression that describes the process of transforming a business to achieve congruence among company vision, business model, business goals, business strategy, business enablers (technology, organizational structure, talent, processes) while setting the stage for measurable, repeatable success.

Business alignment is leaner and more flexible than traditional consulting approaches.

Achieve your business goals with BIZAL


Customer of any size and maturity use BIZAL to drive growth and profitability via business alignment.

Large enterprises align business and technology to ensure efficient technology investments. Also, enterprises use business alignment to evaluate new transformation initiatives and create roadmap and framework to drive the company through the transformation journey.

Small and medium companies optimize their business through business alignment. With BIZAL they envision the future of their business and we help define the business model and business strategy to achieve their goals. We help them drive innovation efficiently and explore new business ideas in line with their business strategy. We guide small and medium companies through their digital transformation journey to ensure cost-effective investments in technology and customer experience aligned with their brand strategy.

Startups use business alignment to refine their business model and explore new product and business ideas. We help startup pivot and navigate through customer validation. We help develop new products based on Customer Centric Innovation that transform customer experience and are aligned with the overall company business strategy.

Business owners rely on our business coaching to review their business model and optimize their day-to-day business so they can focus on running business efficiently, confident that they are moving in the right direction. They have access to the advantages offered by the same business alignment methodology that is at the core of enterprise-level management consulting projects. They transform their business to a level of success that wasn’t available before.

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